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DISINFECTION AND STERILISATION   Disinfection and sterilization are essential for preventing transmission of infectious pathogens to patients and staff. Dental professionals are exposed to a wide variety of microorganisms in the blood and saliva of patients. The use of effective infection control procedures and universal precautions in Dental Hospital will prevent cross contamination that could extend to patients, dentists, dental office staff and dental technicians.

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The Central Sterilisation or Central Supply is located within the hospital in which dental or surgical supplies and equipment, are cleaned, prepared, processed, stored, and issued for patient care, in a completely sterile environment.

Sterilisation by a vacuum steam autoclave is the method for processing most dental instruments and hand pieces for every patient in Dental Hospital. The modern dental unit has an infection control system. Sterilisation is a complete process that begins when used instruments are removed from the treatment room, following a continuum of quality assurance until those same instruments are cleaned, packaged, sterilised, stored, transported, and then used on the next patient and is done in the central supply area separate from patient treatment.

Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Hospital Settings include (1) personnel health elements of an infection control program, (2) preventing transmission of bloodborne pathogens, (3) hand hygiene, (4) personal protective equipment, (5) contact dermatitis and latex Hypersensitivity, (6) sterilization and disinfection of patient-care items, (7) environmental infection control, (8) dental unit waterlines, biofilm, and water quality, and other issues.

Pathogenic contamination in the treatment room is prevented through conscientious infection control. Three concepts combine to form a successful hygienic safety plan for treatment rooms - cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising. The uses of disposable dental material items prevent their reuse on other patients. We also use protective equipment such as latex gloves, masks, eye wears, and lab coats.


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